Featured Products

Featured products support the theme and area of focus of health and wellness for each month’s box. Each Care Package will come with at least one featured product. 

This Month’s Featured Product

UV Phone Sanitizer ($40 Value)

  • FAST & EFFECTIVE】Easy  Sanitation, harmless to the human body, and offering a high cleaned rate.
  • EASY TO USE】 Powered by most USB power sources such as portable power banks, car chargers, laptops, or USB wall charger. The bag has a built-in lithium battery, easy to use home, office, or even during travel;
  • SAFE & AUTOMATIC】Free of mercury and chemicals. there are safety protection switches in the product, the led lamp will stop working when the cover is opened greater than 45°;
  • Included In Your ZAFEBOX】The UV phone sanitizer ($40 Value) will be included in your first box.